Vivel Body Wash Review

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Hope you’re doing good.I’m back with a product review and this time, and it’s something that I am sure you will all love.Most of us prefer using a bar of soap over body wash but recently, I realised the benefits of using the latter. Soap can make your skin dry. In general, a bar of soap can dry out your skin because of the high pH level while your body wash can moisturise your skin from within.Today, I’ll be talking about the Vivel Body Wash which is available in two variants: The lavender + Almond Oil Body and the Cucumber + Mint.It is priced at Rs 40 for 100 ml bottle that lasts up to 25 washes which I believe, makes it a great budget buy. Bonus? Also, you get a free loofah along with the product!Vivel Body Wash is enriched with ingredients that give you more freshness, more fragrance and a rich creamy lather. It comes in pretty blue and white packaging and has a tiny flip cap for easy usage. The cap looks nice, durable and is super easy to open which also makes it travel-friendly! Try a new age bathing experience with this Vivel Body Wash. While it thoroughly cleanses your body, it also leaves you with a sweet, long-lasting fragrance.You only need a coin-sized amount for your entire body and it is enough to create a lot of foam. It comes off really easy and so you end up saving a lot of time and water (of course). The Loofah can be used to scrub off dead skin cells from your body. It makes your skin feel soft and supple all day long!This body wash leaves you feeling fresh and smelling good! The rich creamy lather makes me want to bathe again and again! It has a divine fragrance that will last all day and will give your mood an instant uplift.I am using this product for a long time now and would definitely recommend it to everyone! Both the variants are available in the market and are equally good. The product is suitable for all skin types and is definitely worth the money! I love collecting bath products and this one is my absolute favourite!What a steal deal, don’t you think?
You get this and so much more at a simple price of Rs. 40. Here are my top reasons why the Vivel Body Wash is #BetterThanSoap● Super affordable
● Great fragrance
● Travel-friendly
● Lathers well
● Cleanses skin
● Does not overdry
● No Parabens
● Leaves your skin feeling soft
● Available in different sizes
● Easy to rinse
● Comes with a free LoofahAre you convinced? So, say no to soap and switch to this amazing product from Vivel and let me know what you feel in the comments section below. Hope you have a great day!

Staycation at Sterling Resort Mussoorie!

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Hope you’all are doing great and having the best time of your life where ever you are.

It’s been while since I sat and jot down something interesting for you all. Finally I got something interesting to cover for you guys. I love travelling and I want to travel to every possible city or country I can.

Late Afternoon I was sitting and sipping up my coffee and thinking where should I plan a getaway for the weekend. Mussoorie was the first place that came to my mind and I decided to go ahead for it because what’s better way to beat Delhi’s heat and a break from daily hustle bustle.

I began my journey 18th July 2018 night around 10 p.m, It took us some 8 hours to reach the destination. Sterling Resort is located 2-3 Kms from Mussoorie.
We reached at Sterling around 7:30 a.m on 19th July 2018 and was quite tired because of the 8 hour long journey.

So after alot of blabbering about my journey, let’s begin with the review.

I am going to give you an insight about my stay at sterling resort, mussoorie the previous week. My stay of 2 days at sterling was a much needed break from my daily routine and this resort indeed proved to be a great stress buster for me due to its scenic location at the top of the hills of mussoorie and its up to the mark hospitality.

First of all I would give a special mention of the breakfast buffet that the food team prepares everyday for the people staying at the hotel. The mouth watering variety of dishes that this resort serves in its buffet is top notch and one just can’t resist to fill a whole lot of plate with some amazing food.
I was delighted and contended with the food, the sterling resort had to offer. All the meals starting from the morning to late at night which included breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet was amazingly organized with a great ambience and scenic beauty of the hills visible from your dining table.

There were alot of indoor as well as outdoor activities organised for us by Sterling. I’m jotting all of them below for you all.

•The zip line adventure at sterling in the afternoon is a must to do activity. It is one of the activity which let you reimburse yourself into the sky. At first I was hesitant to try it but when I did, it was an experience of another level to be honest.

•Another cool and unique thing at sterling is their bicycles. It was a treat to ride the bicycle in the queen of hills, mussoorie. I had the best time riding it with the co bloggers on this lovely trip.

•The gaming zone area at the resort was full of over exciting games like table tennis, Play Station, Ludo, Carom board and many more. A great dart game is also there and one should definitely try it if you are eager to hit the bullseye!

•One of the mesmerizing activity listed in the list of activities of sterling is the trek at Lambi Dehar Mines in Mussoorie. Lambi Dehar is one of the haunted places at mussoore where a tragic death of a lot of mine workers occurred in an accident. I clicked a great deal of photographs there because of the scenic beauty the place has to offer.

Also, the room was quite cozy and comfortable. Most rooms overlook the alluring Doon valley and every room has a balcony or a sit-out to enjoy the view with a local brew.

We were served with the authentic ghardwali dinner prepared by the team of chef at sterling on our last day. It was 10 on 10 not just because of the taste of the food which was as usual great to the core but also the sitting arrangement at the open outdoor balcony which presented a view that a person could never forget in his or her lifetime.

I am really thankful to the sterling resort mussoorie for a great exposure that I gained while staying there for 2 days. In that 2 days, the life experiences that I gained would be stored in my memory books for the whole lifetime to come.

Sterling resorts are spreaded all over India providing to it’s people great exposure and experiences. You can go through their social media Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube for more information.

I will be back sharing with you guys my journey of self fulfillment. Till then take some time out and plan to travel at beautiful places on this amazing planet!!

Take care until the next time!

GRANDMAA’S SECRET IS OUT! | Amway Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range


Hope you’re doing good.

Few days back I went to Amway’s new Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range. Read on to find out my views about it.

Grandmother’s Home Remedy is Now Purer, Safer and Potent than Ever with Amway’s New Nutrilite Indian Traditional Herbs range set to make Indian traditional herb even more beneficial

Amway, the country’s leading direct selling FMCG company, has come up with a new Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range, which combines best of science, best of nature and best of Indian traditional wisdom to offer a comprehensive range of nutraceutical product supplements with physiological benefits.
Here are some of the highlights of Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range, which makes them best in the market.
Indigenously developed for Indian market.

The new Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range is in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ vision, which reiterates Amway’s commitment to Govt.’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, as it is developed for the Indian consumers.

Active Ingredient/ Constituents:

The quality and efficacy of Nutrilite’s new range lies in its high concentration of beneficial active ingredient/s which are extracted right from the herbs. This makes the quality of Traditional Herbs range truly premium. For instance, one tablet of Tulsi has benefits equivalent to over 100 dried organic leaves of Tulsi.

Specifics about product range:

The Nutrilite Traditional Herbs range comprises of 4 products including Nutrilite Tulsi, Nutrilite Brahmi, Nutrilite Ashwagandha & Nutrilite Amalaki, Vibhitaki, and Haritaki. Priced at INR 649 inclusive of all taxes, for a bottle of 60 tablets for each variant, the new range is compliant to the new Nutraceuticals Regulations i.e. The Food Safety and Standards (Health Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Food for Special Dietary Use, Food for Special Medical Purpose, Functional Food and Novel Food) Regulations, 2016 (‘Regulations’), issued by Food Safety Standard Authority of India (FSSAI).

I’m totally impressed by their latest launch. With our busy schedule we tend to forget about our health but Nutrilite Traditional Herbs range solves the problem. I’m religious taking these supplements to improve and maintain my overall health. And Amway as always stands for it’s quality.

Hope you enjoyed reading and exploring the product with me.

Have a great time till we meet again!


Say Goodbye to Hairfall!


Hope you’ll are doing good. I’m trying to keep up with my blog as much as possible, will surely be back on track soon.

For today, we have a wonderful product to talk about. I have been experiencing hairfall since a long time now and it really bothers me. I tried so many products but nothing worked until I discovered FairFax Hair Energizer.
FairFax Hair Energizer is a 100% Natural Swiss Hair Fall Control Formula that reduces visible hair fall in 7 applications. It comes in a convenient 5 ml bottle that lasts 25 applications or two months if used as directed.

FairFax Hair Energizer packs the benefits of multiple herbs in a convenient to use form. FairFax contains pure extracts of beneficial herbs that are grown in the Swiss Alps. Herbs such as Quinine Bark, Stinging Nettle Leaf, Southern Wormwood, Sponge, etcetera are known to stimulate the scalp & hair roots. FairFax promotes hair growth & reduces hair fall by strengthening & rejuvenating hair. FairFax also protects hair from further damage.

How to use?

FairFax is quick, easy & convenient. Step 1 – Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair. Rinse thoroughly with water to remove traces of shampoo. Step 2 – Carefully add 3-4 drops of FairFax to a litre of water (you can use a bathroom mug). Use your fingers to stir. Step 3 – Pour this herb-infused water slowly over your hair roots & scalp. Pat dry your hair & you are done.

And the best part is FairFax is not tested on animals & does not contain any ingredient of animal origin. FairFax is a unisex product that can be used safely by everybody – men & women, old & young.

FairFax rejuvenates damaged hair & protects hair from further damage. FairFax reduces visible hair fall in 7 applications.

I totally believe in the magic of FairFax and can see alot of difference in just 8 washes. Try it yourself to experience the difference and say goodbye to hairfall for once and all.

Take care and have fun till the next time!


India Runway Week Season 10- Trends that ruled the ramp.


Hope you all are doing good.

The recently concluded India Runway Week was chock full of inspired designers and their inspiring designs. We take a look at the ensembles as they were sashayed down the ramp, picking out details that anybody can add to their wardrobe, to transform into a style phenomenon.

Some of the trends spotted were:

Wear Stripes to look slim – Udayan Dalmia presented Chic designs and utility while keeping sustainability in mind. The spring summer 2018 collection is fully made in natural dyes and organic cotton, keep the waste to minimum. Oindrilla Das presented “ PERFECT BLEND “ with the old and new in crisp silhouttes and inventive designs .Ensembles which can be incorporated from day to evening look for the women of today who needs to multitask every day. Jenjum Gadi presented PHROZUH- the cotton yarn. His collection is inspired by cotton yarn which is use to weave the fabric for the collection. His collection is a pure balance of masculinity and femininity and inspired by this characteristics most of the silhouettes are gender fluid or unisex.

Gold and shimmer for summer weddings– Nikhita Tandon’s Mynah Designs is hand crafted by the skilled craftsmen from around the country. The fusion of tradition and modernity can be seen in the collection, adorns the beauty of today’s women., Saaj by Ankita’s collection celebrates the ‘coming alive of the modern era’, through the rhapsody of colors, that gently transcend into harmonious symmetries of vintage floral patterns in pinks, gold’s, gorgeous greens and yellows made of beautiful silk embroideries and futuristic cuts, that synchronise to fill the void for a vintage-contemporary bridal space.Designer Sadan Pande’s collection was Kanchali Summer festive- a colorful collection inspired from a culturally rich state of Rajasthan. Known for its traditional colorful art and artistic traditions. Kanchali is a pure reflection of Rajasthani culture with a twist of new silhouettes and drapes to compliment today’s modern men and women. With vibrant colors, embroidery, mirror work and motifs to reflect the cultural presence of Rajasthan in it. Rohit Arora collection is adorned by the botanical embroidery engraved on subtle mix of colours like pink , blues , green etc. From the brides bouquet to the beautiful centerpieces few people realize the time, effort, and consideration that goes into the planning of a wedding. Varsana by Vandana Jaju & Aditi Jaju presented “The Window”, in broader term signifies the scenic view outside ones window on a summer morning. Beautiful flowers shining towards the sun, rustling leaves, branches of trees and the singing birds, create a story line of their Collection. The palette of the collection descends through a range of bright as well as soothing spectrum of colors, perfect for a summer wardrobe.

Textiles looks from IRW – Agnimitra Paul presented her textile collection from Kolkata. It was hand weaved fabric from bihar. Geometric designs & Colourful. As label is known for bold and colourful feel. Hight fashion street wear with a twist of comfort and feel of handcrafted details .It’s kind of back to basic and beatheable fabric. Shravan’sunprecented collection of Rags & Accessories solely crafted from Handwoven warp-faced Denim fabric using Ikat weaving technique. Beyond imagination is Denim Ikat and the concept mapped us to enter easiest part of our daily wear commonly known as Jeans. Denim Ikat collection of Indigo denim, done using VAT Dyes brings together comfort & ethnic essence with a strong positive, sensual and disruptive style. Collection of Denim Ikat is a blend of Cotton & Lycra. Daniel Siyem collection “ShaKiLum” uses the textiles of the tribes of Meghalaya to create a deconstructed, gender-fluid collection that highlights the unique tribal essence of the state within a modern and edgy collection. A slow fashion collection, it celebrates the beauty of stepping back and slowing down, thinking about the earth that sustains each of us and celebrating the continuity in nature. Niharika Pandey presented hand weaved fabric from Bihar in geometric designs. Her label is known for bold and colorful feel. Her collection is a blend of High fashion street wear with a twist of comfort and feel of handcrafted details.

Pastels for this season – Kavita Aggarwals’s bridal collection was a tribute to Pietra Dura’s vivacity and a captivating look into new application for this age-old art form. The embroidery in her ensembles is a replication of Pietra Dura motifs – not so much in technique as in aesthetics. As crossover fashion doesn’t merely adorn a wearer, it transforms her, she dedicate this Indo-western fusion to the modern Indian woman, who’s rooted in traditions, yet open to fresh explorations. Shivaanii R Singhania’sline consists of draped gowns, peplum styles, fitted trousers and layered full lengths. Soft and sheer fabrics like organza, tulle, satins have been combined with heavy-embellished embroideries to help balance the richness. In all, it’s an exploration of fantasy rendered with glamour, passion and purity. Ridha by Rohit’s collection was a mixed bag from the brides bouquet to the beautiful centerpieces few people realize the time, effort, and consideration that goes into the planning of a wedding. The floral patterns and arrangements into a garment are just one part of the battle. Silhouettes are their label’s signature styles.

Nine yards glory Ambica under her label named as Peeli kothi showcased Banarasi saree collection. The collection was based on make in India textiles. . Sunidhi Garodia’s collection was based on the theme “ IRO of life”. IRO is basically a Japanese word which means color and the whole collection is inspired by the different colors and the meaning that each individual takes from it to their life. It’s rightly said-“The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.” And so does the collection reflect the happiness, the joy, the darks of colors and what it reflects into our lives. Hyderabad designer Shravan Kummar showcased textiles of sunrise state Andhra Pradesh. His collection was organically dyed and all handmade.

Jumpsuits for cool look Shefali Dhaka Sirohi- The Spring/Summer’18 collection is inspired by the pendulums. The silhouettes are asymetric balances. Panelling and pleating techniques have been used at frictionless points to create equilibrium between the asymmetry. The drapes move over the body in cowls like the pendulums do. The embroidery motives are imbalanced triangular pieces hung on balanced wires. Rich Silks, chanderi weaves, Organzas and Chiffons are used which signify the two extremes of the pendulum. Vagmi by Shradha Goenka’s collection ‘Walk in the Sky ‘ has been created to showcase female embodiment of enlightened energy. The garments are made for strong women of today’s age who are liberated and free and no more tied to kitchen. Bold and playful silhouettes would be featured keeping modernity of Indian women in mind. Istuti and Vivek’scollection aims to give you the natural comfort and ease, where ever you go. The collection enhance one’s personality for various occasions, giving the feel home comfort. Designer believes in creating their trends by following nature.

I’m surely gonna try and incorporate these trends, you should try them too!

Lot’s of love, stay tunned for more such stuff!


Acnes – Japan’s No.1 Brand launched in India|Product Review


Hope you all are doing good.

Recently I attended an event hosted by Rohto.The event went really good and they gifted me a hamper to try out their range of products especially curated for acne prone skin and targeting the acne causing bacteria.

So let’s get to the review of the products I received. A little disclaimer before we begin, my review on all these products will be completely honest. I have tried these products on myself hence writing this review for you all.

The first product that I’m going to talk about is their range of FACEWASH.



Acnes Clarifying Face Wash is a daily face wash with a mild peeling effect suitable for all skin types. Its gentle action on the skin provides light exfoliation, polishes the skin surface to look fairer and refines its texture for visible smoothness. It forms a rich lather that washes away dirt and oil without stripping off skin’s natural moisture, giving the skin a brighter look along with a complementary rejuvenating feel.



Acnes MENTHO-COOL Pimple Defense Face Wash is a unique face wash designed with amalgamation of Science and Nature which provides that right desired level of Skin Cooling along with removal of Pimple causing germs. Proven to remove 99% pimple causing germs yet a ‘Non-irritant’ safe to use formula enriched with Antioxidant and Astringent Sage Leaf Extract,Soothing phyto-active from Licorice Root Extract, Sebum absorbing Kaolin Clay and Cooling Menthol. This Face Wash is the best Defense System for your skin against Pimples which thorougly cleanses away germs pollutants and grim and gives cooling refreshing soothing skin feel.



Acnes Foaming Face Wash is an effective solution for oily and acne-prone skin. It performs a dual role of controlling oil (Sebum) on the skin as well as removing germs and purifying the skin. Enriched with Licorice and White Tea Extracts and Vitamin C & E, it cleanses the skin, giving you an oil-free healthy/pleasant look.

Their facewash definately impressed me.My favourite has to be acne mentho cool pimple defense wash fash.

Now coming to the TONER



Once the skin is cleansed, the second step is to sustain its health. Acnes Hydrating Toner is to be used immediately after using Acnes Face Wash to conceal the freshness of the skin. It contains no alcohol or mineral oil which helps to maintain the health of the skin. Infused with ingredients to reduce redness and inflammation of the skin, while applying proper hydration to give skin-softening effect.

Let’s come to their range of Soaps.

  • Anti-Acne Soap: If you are someone who gets acne on the back, chest or any other part of your body this product is a must try. It has got 2 variants to it, one is just the Oil Control Soap, and the other is Advanced Oil Control. The ingredients are same in both, apart from Holy Basil Oil which is infused in the Advanced one. Other ingredients are Kaolin(absorbs sebum), White Tea Extracts, Licorice(reduces acne inflammation).

Let’s come to the star product of this blog!



The final step to your complete acne care regimen. Acnes Point Gel is ideal for acne-prone skin with its unique combination of anti-acne ingredients, oil absorbing ingredients and White Tea Extracts with Vitamin E. It helps clear the acne through multiple approaches: exfoliating dead skin cells, extracts sebum and oil, helping remove over 99%** acne-causing germ, and repair skin for acne-free healthy skin.

All the products worked pretty good for me.
Effectiveness of Acnes is attributed to a special skin care regimen which follows the proven
“Triple C approach” (Cleanses, Cares, and Clears) 3-step regimen for a healthier acne-free skin.

Try out their products and enjoy till the next time!


Three Sixty Leather Products

Hey guys!
It’s a post from yours truly again! How have you all been these past few weeks?
Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve had an exciting past few weeks. Not only did some really cool stuffhappen, but I was also lucky enough to get a very very VERY nice gift

ThreeSixty, a premier brand dealing in luxury leather products were kind enough to send me two of their elegant pieces.
As they themselves say, their design is contemporary and yet it has a certain old world charm to it. Now doesn’t that sound quirky enough to be perfect for someone like me?

The minute I read it (Ok fine, the minute I opened the gifts) I literally squealed! Not joking! I mean it’s like they peeked into my mind and figured out what exactly someone like me would need and like!

Let’s talk about their first product:


This elegantly crafted leather box is perfect for storing small items. Whether they are my favourite chocolates (a guilty pleasure haha) or my prized trinkets like ear rings and all, they’ll be right at hand and easily accessible with this box. No more hunting and scrounging around for me!

I absolutely love the unique shape and texture it has. Not only is it utilitarian, but it looks great too!

Now the second product they have sent across is my favourite for sure:


This jewellery organizer has little compartments perfect for storing all my rings, bracelets and delicate neck pieces. The light caramel brown colour is fairly eye catching and is guaranteed to add cheer to any dressing table.
It will keep you more organised if you are a mess like me!

ThreeSixty is completely on point when they that leather is more than a material, and that it is an experience. Their leather pieces are unique, durable and a testimony to the joy of The Leather Life. Well it surely sounds like that’s the life I’ve been missing out on!
I absolutely love their collection, you can check it at : Three Sixty’s Website

All about OLAPLEX and my hair makeover at NEUSALON

Hello people!

Hope you’ll are doing great! 😀

It’s been a while since I haven’t done any blog, so here it is..

Recently I visited NEUSALON, South point mall Gurgaon. I got OLAPLEX treatment and highlights done. Without any further delay let’s get into it!



A singular hair phenomenon that’s taking the world of hair by strom; The Olaplex Effect is everywhere  and is affecting everyone. It alters the molecular structure of hair to produce hair that is shiny, healthy and beautiful from within; especially if your hair has been colored or through any chemical treatments. OLAPLEX is a wonder product that works from the inside out to strengthen your hair  while repairing any existing damage to your hair bonds. Olaplex works internally to cross link single sulphur hydrogen bonds and creates  disulfide bonds.




Olaplex will benefit chemically coloured hair as well as hair that has been compromised by thermal (permanent straightening) and mechanical (blow drying, ironing,  tonging) treatments.



• In Olaplex Hair Treatment at a salon, you will first be taken for a hair wash (no conditioner). Post that Olaplex bottle No. 1, which is a Bond Multiplier, will be applied to your hair from root to the tip. We left it on for 10 mins.

• 2nd coating was applied to my hair from Olaplex bottle No. 2 which is a Bond Perfector. We let this on for around 20 minutes.

• The third Olaplex Bottle can be used for home care once every week in the same manner as above, to strengthen and protect your hair against all the colour and hearing tools damages. It is a Hair Perfector for home use.


The effect of Olaplex lasts for about 20 – 25 days. You can get it done anytime again after 25 days or so.


I got my first olaplex treatment done in March from Looks Salon. This was my second time for Olaplex treatment. My hair feel softer, shinner and healthy after the treatment. I can see the difference as I had a severe hair breakage problem but after getting olaplex done my hair fall have become really less. I totally recommend it and the staff over NEUSALON is super humble and makes you feel comfortable all the time. 9



Now, it’s for the very first time I got highlights done!

I told my stylist that since it is my first time, I want the color to be very suttle and should look gorgeous on my hair type. He listened  to me very carefully and then came up with a shade which was absolutely of my type!

The entire process took 2 hours and the results were faboulous! I can’t stop drooling over my hair makeover ever since then! Have a look here:


My overall experience at NEUSALON was super amazing and I hope I’m able to answer all your queries (that you all messaged me on instagram) related to OLAPLEX in this blog post!

If you wish me to do another service review from NEUSALON you can always mail me, message me, comment below anytime!

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Holaaa People,

It is coming up to spring, its the season to step away from dark and dull colours and get some light in your life.

Minimal, monochromatic outfit is always a winning look! There’s no secret trick to wearing all-white outfit –  everyone can pull it off an and look absolutely gorgeous, All you need to focus on is some absolutely stunning accessories to compliment your all white look. 

If you don’t know how to style your white pieces, here are three all-white outfits with stunning accessories that can work for multiple occasions.! So let’s begin..

Office/Formal Party/Evening Look

Head-to-toe white outfit looks clean, crisp and completely confident. If you like an effortless all-white look, this outfit is for you! I’m wearing a white sequin collar dress (ZARA) along with a white sleeveless jacket ( KOOVS ). 
Paired it up with yellow tinted glasses  ( Label Kiss ), a statement bracelet  ( Label Kiss ) and statement earingsLabel Kiss ).

To complete the look throw on a pair of white heels and a beige/ neutral tone clutch and you are good to go. 

● Brunch/Shopping/Movie Date Look

A cute off shoulder dress in white (Stalkbuylove) paired with a lace-up heels will make you feel like a summer goddess.

 White look is easier to pull off than you think!

Here’s a super casual idea for days when you want to stay comfortable but still look fashionable.

Paired it up with a classic red stone earings (Label Kiss) and my all time favourite stunning velvet sun choker  ( Label Kiss ).

Add these stunning sunglassesLabel Kiss ) for the casual vibes. 

Add a clutch/a shoulder bag, whichever suits you and you’re done! 🐣

●Festive/traditional/family function look

Do you wish to rock that all white look at your family functions just like those Bollywood celebrities?
No more worries, you don’t have to spend alot at the outfit but definately you should invest in these statement accessories to rock any outfit. 

Pair up a simple plain white kurti along with white Salwar (which you can probably find in your mom’s closet).

Keep it comfortable with pairing the look with white simple flats. 

Throw on a big statement necklace Label kiss ) along with a crystal braceletLabel Kiss ). I personally feel investing in good accessories is the key to revamp any outfit and makes you look gorgeous! 

Grab on a muticoloured mirror work or some gotta work hand clutch or whatever you think complements your outfit and you can totally rock that traditional/festive/family function look, just like Bollywood Celebrities do. ❤

Leave in your views on all the three looks and do let me know which one is your favourite! 

In case you recreate any of the looks, do tag me while posting your pictures on instagram  (Instagram Username : @thatstreetchic). I would love to see you recreate them! ❤🐣 

Thankyou for reading this till the end and will be back with another blog super soon. ❤




We all have that one Dress in our closet that we love wearing, you know the one that you have to wear when you want to feel pretty, comfortable or sexy. In the past, it was frowned upon when you wore something more than once. However now that you have public figures like First Lady Michelle Obama, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge and Anna Wintour repeating looks, it has become socially accepted. 

Some of us just don’t have the time to shop around for something new or maybe it’s just not in the budget. So pulling your favorite piece out the closet is the easiest and quickest route to go. The key to repeating a dress, is to wear it like you are wearing it for the first time. So try not to wear the same accessories, shoes or handbag that you wore with it before. You want to always take a fresh and unique approach each time along with making it work with your personal style. Here is four ways to wear one dress differently. 

1) Evening look 

For an evening look, liven up this simple emerald green dress by adding a statement necklace ( Medoso) You could either go without earrings or wear small studs so that it doesn’t compete with the necklace. Pair it up with a bold ring (Medoso) and a classy watch (Michael Kors). Keep the look elegant and stylish by mixing it with a back sequin clutch and complimentary heels. Also if you don’t have a statement piece, you can go bold with a printed clutch or experiment with shoes/heels.

2) Preppy Fun Chic Look

We all have last minute errands or something that we have to do. This is the time when we just want to be comfortable but still chic when doing so. Pull a off shoulder top and funky wedge with you dress for a funky chic look. You can also add a pair of funky earings (Eristona) along with funky reflectors and metallic clutch (forever21) to add up a little boost to your look.

3. Brunch/Casual Look 

If you brunch every weekend with the girls, enjoying girl chat, then you would want to have a fresh look all the time. For this look, you want to make sure the dress is unrecognizable.
Or When you go on that midday shopping trip or to the movies, you want to look nice but still casual. 

Pull a sleeveless shrug over your dress and you are set to go. Grab a clutch in netural tone (Accessorize) to compliment the look, some colourful earings (Crunchy Fashion) , bangles and your ensemble is complete. Noting says casual like a cool pair of flats (Tan Base). This look is effortlessly chic but still relaxed and comfy. Top it off with you own style and off you you go. 

4) Corporate Look 

Depending on your work dress code, tone down the vibrant hue with a preppy take by adding a military palazoos and a pair of oxford style shoes. You can also pair this look with ankle pumps. Take a bold black clutch bag (Swarang Designs) along with green reflectors. Go for bold earings (Medoso) along with a stone ring(Crunchy Fashion) . It’s all about adding your signature touch. 

Don’t forget to comment below your favourite look! Will be back with another blog super soon! 

Have a amazing time till then dolls! 💕